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Killer traffic only at NinjaSurf


Full Description

NinjaSurf is on the cutting edge of TE programs, bringing in new members to view your affiliate and splash pages. Endorsed and promoted by some of the biggest names in the internet marketing world, NinjaSurf is destined to be a player in the TE world.


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Exchange Ratio


Guaranteed User Time On Site

  1. No Guarantee
  2. 5 Seconds
  3. 10 seconds
  4. 15 Seconds
  5. 30 Seconds
  6. 45 Seconds
  7. 60 Seconds
  8. More Than 60 Seconds



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Referal Levels


Integration Type

  1. JS Widget
  2. Pop-Under
  3. Pop-Up
  4. iFrame Widget
  5. Other

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